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 ‘Teaching your child to love and obey God is the most important thing you can ever do!. Recognizing the  difference between right and wrong will fall in place if you are simultaneously teaching and modelling God’s Love.’

 At RIJU, the morning starts with, OM ‘chanting’ and Thirukkural  dictation that streamline the child’s mind to one frequency.

Adaptive and


 Activities in this domain begin from the settling period, progressive methodology and comfort given by the teachers and caretakers to makes the child to adapt easily.

         The RIJU’s system of students removing foot wear by themselves, using rest rooms, feeding by themselves, handling of their  materials, forming queue in their movements, etc...




 ‘Visuals have greater impact than the vocal’ – this is truly agreed upon and followed at RIJU in all perspectives of linguistic development.

 Receptive language, Expressive language, Pragmatic language

are taught to our kids through Vocabulary, Phonetics, Playway Activities

and  general awareness. Children are exposed to handling mike,

delivering rhymes, stories, speech and role play.


motor skill


 Different activities that make use of big muscle movements of our body, and correlates gross motor skills are spread through the curriculum. Many fine motor activities are taught that make use of hand-eye coordination and also leads the child to learn precise

control of muscles in the hands.




 ‘The way in which a child organizes information, is one of the

Cognitive skill. Children are exposed to practical science experiments

that kindle their ability of problem solving, creativity, imagination and

memory  power.


 Children are encouraged to ask questions through activities under

cognitive skills. Also, they have hands on experience with kitchen activities.


Social - Emotional


 Social – emotional development involves more than just expressing emotions. It entails taking chances, interacting with peers  and  developing  a  positive  self-image.


 Children are exposed to the realistic environment of traditional festivals through which they learn the importance and moral values of our culture.


Theme Based


 ‘Theme based approach is vital for teaching a range of skills and

content by integrating curriculum around a topic.’ This method of teaching links curriculum strands and capitalizes on children’s interests, creating a sense of purpose and community in the classroom.

 RIJU, follows theme based approach comprising themes such as Our

Helpers, My Country, Weather, Our Culture, etc...




 We at RIJU balance the curricular and co-curricular knowledge that our children are exposed to. Kids gain knowledge and also excel in their talents through different activities like dancing, singing, etc...

 Kids indulge in co-curricular activities. They learn valuable life skills through the activities like yoga, swimming, cycling, drawing, etc...


Opening Hours

Our Location is open from


Monday - Saturday

8.30 AM to 4.30 PM

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